Legend of the Collective

Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite series and my rules is having at least five shrines or related things. And after fangirling with my fellow ladies who also love the series, I've decided to finally make more shrines and things to get this collective up. Very many thanks to all for the support and enabling from my wonderful friends. I went with Awfully Big Adventure for a couple of reasons. One is that there are some parallels to Peter Pan, which I also adore and because the Legend of Zelda is a really big adventure and some parts are awful. HA, word play. Maybe? Not really. But anyway that's why I went with it.

Some of my favorite games from the very huge series are Ocarina of Time, Oracle of Seasons, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Link's Awakening. I really like being about to go through the handheld games with my sister, we get the two copies of the same game and play together. I also like watching people play and I guide them through. I really like playing the guide makes me feel awesome...and keeps me awake. I have a habit of falling asleep while my sister plays on the console, I get so relaxed.

Some of My Favorite Memories

Since I always play Zelda with someone, mostly my older sister. I've had some pretty good memories (and some that still make me thing I have a heart condition) that I'd like to share.

Ocarina of Time was something I played with my mom and sister back before it was on the 3DS. You know the one with the Water Temple that didn't have the color coded floors. Growing up, normally mom had the controller and we just helped but one day my sister wanted to try and mum wanted us to do some work. So we split up dungeons and such, I took Dodongo's Cavern, The Fire Temple, Gerudo Valley along with any mini games with shooting and fishing. Honestly, I would not do anything that invovled graveyards or redeads. They scare me so bad. One time my sister actually made me do the Shadow Temple! Do you have any idea how scary that place is?! But I made her do the Well for me in exchange for me fighting Bongo Bongo. But mainly this was something my sister and I did with our mom and that's what sticks out most since she doesn't play console games anymore.

Wind Waker was the last Zelda console game my mom really played with us. It made my poor sister sick with the camera angles that she couldn't do much....especially when it came to sailing. I felt like I was really good at this one. Plus Link had a little sister! I remember taking photos with the little picto cam thingy, I took pics of the Goddess statues and they were perfect but the statue maker wouldn't make their figures. I was furious. So I played with the leaf.

Phantom Hourglass was a gift. I got super stuck in the Temple of the Ocean King and I set it down. (Okay I raged quit.) Well my sister got the game and she caught up and I told her where I was and she got me unstuck. While she isn't fond of the games artstyle, I think it grew on her a bit. But after she got me unstuck we played the rest of the game together and then moved onto Spirit Tracks. We plan to do the same with A Link Between Worlds.

Twilight Princess is my sisters favorite. I suck at being wolf Link. Anyway, I on my birthday I decided that I was going to play it but we had to start over cause we had no idea what we were doing. I could howl but couldn't fight. My sister and I switched off playing and guiding. I think she ending up playing more of the game while I guided though.....but that's okay cause it works for us. I think this one is one for my memory bank cause my sister played with me on my birthday and did her best to guide me through. She loves bug collecting.

Skyward Sword OMG I HATE THE SILENT REALMS. I really enjoyed this except for the Silent Realms and a few other parts. But my dad did his best to keep me calm duing the realms because I would get so spun up. He walked me through most of them which was really nice even though I was in a paniced state. My sister also couldn't play this one, so she guided me through best she could. Then our parents went on vacations and I had ONE more Silent Realm to do. DAD WASN'T THERE! So my sis helped me. We turned down the sound which really helped but also didn't help cause I could hear the bells of the Watchers. I had to hall ass out of the realm. Like I got the last drop and ran for my life because I triggered a Watcher. IT WAS SO NERVE WRECKING! I'm also sure that Levias is the Wind Fish, so it was cool to see him again. I had a fun time playing but I really hate Silent Realms and the Imprisoned One. Oh good Hylia, do I hate it so. Fond memories though cause my dad. Really like to see a family member do one. JUST ONE! They aren't that easy.