Character Shrines/Fanlistings

Below are all my shrines and things, all the links work. I'm just trying to figure out what I want to say in those boxes. You can click the title or image to go to the site. Future projects include: Marin (Link's Awakening) and Oracle of Seasons (manga). I might get more future projects but I don't really want to list them because I'll get stressed about them. So they will happen when they happen. Hope you enjoy what I have up!

Midnight: Midna (Twilight Princess)


Character: Midna Type: Multi-Page Shrine

Midna is from Twilight Princess who also appears in Hyrule Warriors. I'm hoping to expand what I have written. I originally made this as a one page shrine and later moved it to be a multipage shrine. I made this shrine after deciding that I wanted to play Twilight Princess on my birthday. Then I became completely attached to Midna and wanted to make something for her. I was consumed by doing it too, I wrote down they adventure and I think she had good character development due to Link.

Her Majesty: Rutela (Twilight Princess)

Her Majesty

Character: Rutela Type: One Page Shrine

Queen Rutela is also from Twilight Princess. She is queen of the Zora's and her love for her son continues on. I love Rutela a lot, she is very different from Princess Zelda. Rutela is elegant and knows what she has to do no matter how painful. While Link explores the Domain, she acts as a guide in exchange for Link to check on her son and save her people. I made this one page shortly after Midna because I was enamored by her as well. Also explores where the Zora might have come from.

The Epic Love Story of Groose: Groose and Impa (Skyward Sword)

Epic Love Story of Groose & Impa

Characters: Groose and Impa Type: Fanlisting and Multi-Page Shrine

Groose and Impa from Skyward Sword, while Impa appears in all the Zelda games in one form or another Groose doesn't. It's a sad fact. Also I didn't like either character when I first started. Groose was just a bully and I was mad at Impa for blamimg me (Link) for something that is her job. Impa is Zelda's bodyguard. Anyway, as these two spend time together Groose changes and Impa apologized. He finds his place because of her. It's my OTP. It's also a fanlisting and made for an Amassment Event.

Ballad of the Wind Fish: Link's Awakening

Ballad of the Wind Fish

Series: Link's Awakening Type: Fanlisting

My sister first played Link's Awakening DX and convinced me to play it too. I loved it. Years later I regot the game on my 3DS and made some more Zelda fan friends. They convinced me to get the fanlisting because there are not a lot of related ones. I do want to add a bit more to this so it's a bit more than a fanlisting. I'm not too sure where to start but I'll think of something.

To Be Loved: Cia

To Be Loved

Character: Cia Type: Fanlisting

Cia is from Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. She's an antagonist that had me curious. Mostly about what happened to Gannon, since I'm so used to him running the show. Also I really missed him because of Ghriahim but that's another story. When I first saw her I figured she'd be a token character but I was wrong. I played through the main story and I was like "She needs more love." I'm currently stuck in the game (Gannon's chapters) but I do plan on adding a shrine.